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Using herbal hemorrhoids medication

Hemorrhoids are sometimes described as the varicose veins of the anal region of the human body. There are two forms of this medical problem and people may suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids, although many patients usually deal with combination of both forms. Internal hemorrhoids are those located inside the anus, and external hemorrhoids protrude outside that region of the body. People suffering from hemorrhoids usually experience painful sensations, itching and rectal bleeding and symptoms depend on the form of the problem.

It is very important to find out the reason for your hemorrhoids. However, there are no identified causes, but only some risk factors which can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids. So, doctors and scientists concluded that almost anything that can increase the pressure in the rectal region of your body may be the risk factor for their development, but can also worsen your already existing hemorrhoids.

Remedies to Stop Hemorrhoid Bleeding

To treat pain caused by hemorrhoids, you need to take care of the bleeding in the first place. Only then, you may treat them. External hemorrhoids are known to cause bleeding and it is easily seen. However, in patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids, they usually find some blood in the stool.

People having problems with bleeding hemorrhoids are advised to use combination tonic, made of one teaspoon of cayenne, two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water. Herbalists recommend taking this tonic with every meal and they claim it will definitively and quickly stop rectal bleeding. After that, you are free to deal with the root cause of the problem with hemorrhoids.

How to Relieve Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Home and herbal remedies are known to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Some 20 minutes spent in the warm bath will definitively relieve symptoms you might have because of the hemorrhoids.

Plantain is believed to relieve the itching caused by hemorrhoids, and as equally effective remedies for hemorrhoid relief, people can use strong mullein cool herbal compress. Paste made from heated lard and a teaspoon of calomel is also efficient if applied directly to affected area.

Rutin supplements are also well known to be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. They should be used two times per day, in the dose of 100mg, and combined with an increased intake of vitamin E.

Butcher’s broom possesses anti-inflammatory properties and it is one of the frequently used remedies for hemorrhoids. It can be used as the tea or applied as lotion directly to the hemorrhoids, and there are also some tablets made of this herbal remedy.

Horse chestnut or buckeye contains aescin, and this ingredient is proven to positively affect vein walls, making this herb and excellent herbal remedy for hemorrhoids.

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