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Bistro MD review

The main focus for Bistro MD is weight loss with gourmet, restaurant food of high quality. The meals they prepare are meant for those who want to lose weight. The snacks a person takes between meals will make sure he or she does not get hungry.

Who's behind Bistro MD?Doctor Cederquist M. D. is the one who thought of this diet and she designed it. Thanks to her, Bistro MD has been serving the United States with excellent meals for some years now. These meals include all the best ingredients so that the balance is kept. They are also designed to have all the needed nutrients.

These meals are not cooked by just anyone, but the award winning chefs. When a person decides what meals he or she wants, Fedex will deliver a weeks supply of them at the person's door. A person need not worry how will they remain fresh because the box they are brought in are specially insulated and have dry ice. All that is left for a person to do is to store the meals and reheat them when it is time for a meal. A person should intake three meals and two snacks every day.

How much weight can be lost?According to the studies, a person who eats these meals will lose around three pounds every week. This weight loss is considered to be a healthy weight loss because a person still keeps the nutritional balance while losing weight.

A man should intake 2,500 calories every day while a woman should intake 2,200 in order to maintain the weight. These meals and snacks will ensure that a person intakes 1,400 calories. This weight loss is consistent and controlled.

How much does it cost?There are plenty of menus a person can choose from.

For instance, meals for a full week with snacks cost $179.95. In this price access to the Bistro MD team of dietitians whom a person can contact for any questions he or she might have is included. Program material and tools which will show a person how to live a new and healthy lifestyle is also included.

A week's worth of food but without the snacks costs $159.95. Just like the one with the snack and all the other plans, this package also has the same free stuff included.

There are also packages for a work week with and without the snacks. $144.95 is the price for five days of meals and snack while the price for five days without the snacks is $129.95.

Bistro MD is known all over America and has a very good reputation.

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