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Tips to lose weight in college

Some people gain weight when they enroll into a college, especially in their first year. Going on a diet at college is a pretty demanding and hard thing to do. However, there are some tricks and tips on how to lose that unnecessary weight.

Planning pay offs

There are lots of food choices in the cafeteria that are really hard to resist, even though a person knows it is not good for him or her. In this situation, the best thing a person can do is to know what he or she is going to eat before getting to the cafeteria. This can be done by simply finding out what is on the menu. This way a person can choose what he or she is going to eat and make a healthier choice.

Avoid multi-tasking

It is pretty common to eat while doing some other things, like studying or watching a movie for instance. In these situations, people tend to eat more than they realize. A couple of pounds can be gained this way. In order to avoid that, a person should try and not eat while being busy doing something else.

Timing is everything

It is really important that people do not eat fast. There are situations when a person eats soo fast that his or her body does not “register” that they have eaten. This can lead to eating more than it is actually needed. A person should not forget that sometimes 20 minutes have passed after the meal and then they would feel full. Another important thing is to eat regularly and not skip meals.

Snack smarter

Too much snackfood will lead to gaining weight. Especially if those snacks include candy, soda or chips. If a person can not resist having snacks between meals, he or she should at least eat something which is healthier, like an apple. Things like baked tortilla chips and whole-grain crackers are a good choice as well. Those who study long into the night are bound to get hungry. When they do, a good thing is to take a snack break instead of munching all the time. An apple or an orange, pretzels and light popcorn are far better choices than chips or left-over pizza.
Extra weight gain will happen to those who have not been drinking before college. Alcohol is high in calories. For instance, one bottle of beer has around 200 calories. In addition, too much alcohol can lead to lots of health problems.

Get moving

Everybody should be able to take 30 minutes of the day to exercise. Doing so, they will feel healthier and prevent or at least slow the weight gain. Just walking for 30 minutes is considered a good exercise.

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