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Many people, especially bodybuilders and teenage boys, wish to increase their body mass, to bulk up and grow bigger muscles. This is not always easy. It is not enough to simply eat more, because it may result in undesired new layers of fat, not to mention that overeating is never a healthy choice. There are ways to increase body mass with supplements, but they need to be combined with regular and adequate exercise.

Weight gainers

Many bodybuilders use weight gainers, which are protein shakes formulated so they contribute to weight gain. They are usually based on whey protein but may contain milk and/or egg protein as well. They are rich in carbohydrates, mostly maltodextrin and fructose. They are efficient for those who wish to gain weight because they provide enough calories required for muscle growth.

Flaxseed oil

This oil comes from the seed of flax plant and it is a polyunsaturated oil rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids. This is important because human body does not produce essential fatty acids by itself and needs to receive them through food. Omega-3 improves immune system, increases energy production and hormone production. Furthermore, flaxseed oil is quite caloric, which is important for weight gain.

Multivitamins and multiminerals

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for almost every body function. Without them, the body would not be able to convert food into hormones, tissues and energy. When it comes to increasing muscle size and strength, vitamins and minerals are important because they enhance the action of proteins used for muscle gain, fat burning and energy production.


Creatine is a metabolite which participates in regeneration of the ultimate energy source for the muscles, adenosin triphosphate. This provides more strength and stamina and in bodybuilders it allows more repetitions and consequently more significant muscle gain. Creatine also increases lean body mass as it pushes the water inside the muscles and enlarges it.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in muscle cells. It is an anti-catabolic agent and it improves immune system, it accelerates recovery and recuperation and increases muscle volume.

Liver Tablets

Liver tablets are commonly made from beef liver, which increases muscle gain. When choosing the brand of liver tablets, consumers must look for ones that contain the highest percentage of beef liver and that are purified from fat, cholesterol and other unwanted elements.

Testosterone boosters

Some bodybuilders use supplements which aim to boost testosterone levels. This, however, is not recommended for men younger than 25 years of age, because they can harm their delicate hormonal balance, and because teenage boys already produce peak levels of testosterone and have no use for additional hormones.

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