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What is rosacea?

A chronic skin condition called rosacea affects mostly people in the range from 30 to 60 years of age. Symptoms that are experienced because of this condition include pustules or bumps, which are red and located on the chin, forehead, cheeks or nose; red areas of the face; blush or flush tendency and blood vessels on the nose or the cheeks. These are the most common symptoms that more than 14 million people in the America have. Bulbous nose is also something this condition produces.

Natural treatment

We will give you several natural treatments you can try for rosacea. The first is the green tea cream. A study has been performed in order to see if this could really help with the problem, and the results have proven that, if you use green tea cream twice a day, decrease of the problem is possible. But this study affected a small number of people. Next treatment consists of chrysanthellum indicum cream, which is used for the treatment of rosacea because it strengthens the capillaries, thus helping with the rosacea. The studies show that if you use this cream twice a day, the symptoms will be significantly decreased. Next is licorice, which can be used for the removal of redness on the face. One form of vitamin B3, called niacimide, can be applied in order to make the skin moister and decrease the inflammation. If you use this treatment, results will come after four weeks.

You can also use vitamins B. Demodex folliculorum mites are found in increased number in the skin of the patients who suffer from rosacea. Because of these mites, riboflavin, which can be found in vitamin B, is used. Digestive enzymes can be used for the treatment of rosacea. Indigestion can occur with rosacea, and patients can show significant improvement if they use pancreatic enzyme supplements. The next possible treatment includes azelaic acid cream, which is very effective because of the antimicrobial properties. This cream is made from barley, rye and wheat. According to several studies conducted in the past, the use of this treatment will reduce redness, burning, dryness, itching, and telangiectasia. There are possible side effects to using this cream and they include stinging sensation when applied.

Some say that food can be the cause of rosacea. The treatment will try to see what food triggers the allergies, which is done by eliminating food that usually triggers allergy and then, one by one, they are included again in the diet. When the allergy occurs, in this way we can see what has triggered it. The stimulation of the release of the digestive enzymes is the effect of apple cider vinegar use. This will balance the levels of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Other possible treatments include selenium, aloe, red clover, burdock, zinc, rose hips, chamomile and betaine hydrochloride.

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