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Acne rosacea – a very uncomfortable skin problem

The main characteristics of this chronic condition thattends to affect adults primarily are small and red bumps that are usuallyfilled with pus. Since this condition is progressive and only becomes worseover time, it is necessary to start with the treatment of symptoms as soon as possible,because the condition itself cannot be cured. It will not go away on its own, althoughit might seem so from time to time, because acne rosacea symptoms might withdrawfor a few weeks or months, but they will flare up again, sooner or later. The realcause is not really known, but stress, extreme temperatures, alcohol, spicyfood and even anger are only some of the factors that worsen the symptoms.

Natural remedies for acne rosacea

Unconventional methods of treatment help people cure thecondition without having to go through laser therapy, for example, or withouthaving to avoid the triggers that only make the symptoms worse.

Green tea cream has proven to be helpful in a number ofcases, and it took only four weeks for the first signs of improvement to becomeobvious.Licorice herb if applied topically, can also help in mildand moderate cases of rosacea, although a period of 4 to 8 weeks is necessaryfor significant signs of improvement to show up.Digestive enzymes, or more precisely pancreatic enzymesupplements, can also help in the treatment of acne rosacea but in people who sufferfrom indigestion as well, because a significant number of these patients experiencesindigestion.Apple cider vinegar helps with digestive problems, which arevery frequently causes of acne rosacea, which is why it should be taken orallyin order to normalize the balance of the intestinal bacteria.Oatmeal face washes help with symptoms such as itching,particularly if they are used on regular basis. This kind of face wash can be made in the kitchen sincenecessary ingredients are only oatmeal, honey and lemon.Tea tree oil has only recently become popular in thetreatment of acne rosacea, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. However,a number of possible side effects is related to tea tree oil, which is why cautionis more than necessary here.

Besides these home remedies, Niacinamide creams (whichreduce inflammation and moisturize the skin), alelaic acid creams (which stopthe multiplication of bacteria), B vitamins, aloe, chamomile, feverfew, seleniumand zinc can also be used for the natural treatment of acne rosacea.

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