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Herpes is a condition that produces blisters and sores on the skin. When they appear on the skin, the doctor will give you a diet you will have to follow. This diet will consist mostly of vegetables and fruits. Lips and face are the two most common locations from the herpes. You can also incorporate the use of several supplements, which will give additional help.


The diet we are talking about can decrease the symptoms and it is considered to be the best possible treatment. This diet will fight off the infection, but in order to achieve this, you have to eliminate processed and packed food, along with the decreased intake of toxins and caffeine. We have mentioned that vegetables and fruits make the most of this diet. Try to eat cabbage, brussels and broccoli as much as you can. Remember that properly and freshly cooked food has just the right amount of nutrients and benefits, while overcooked food can destroy some of those nutrients. Try to drink enough of water and herbal tea, and have in mind that the sufficient amount of water means 8 glasses during one day.

The herpes condition can be eliminated if you take a lot of lysine and avoid using arginine. Many studies support this claim. These two items are amino acids that can be found in food. Viral infections are something lysine copes with very well and it can be found in food like apples, mangoes, apricots and pears. Vegetables, almost any kind, also have high amounts of lysine. The items that have arginine is caffeine, nuts, coconut, alcohol, and chocolate, so try to avoid these at all costs. Food like legumes, potatoes, dairy products, tomatoes, fish and eggs should be added to the grocery list by those with genital herpes. Their effect on the herpes has been scientifically confirmed.

We have given you several sources of lysine that can be found and bought at the grocery store, but sometimes this may not be enough. When this happens, supplements can be included. During one day, take 1250 mg of lysine and the condition will be under control. It will surely help with the herpes, especially since zinc, vitamin B complex and C supplements are included in the lysine supplements. This is usually the case. Turmeric extract can also be used for the treatment, because of its anti-inflammatory abilities. Another supplement is cayenne pepper, which can reduce the pain. These two are very effective and can eliminate the return of the problem. We have given you some advice that you may find useful. Just remember that the most important thing is to eliminate the intake of arginine and increase the intake of lysine.

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