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You have probably heard somebody (maybe even you) say that this or that diet does not work. Well, not really. Diets are devised by the people who know their jobs. Diets work. Problem is that you must stick to the diet if you want to see results. Most people cheat. There are more reasons for this. First would be also the most common - lack of will and discipline. Yes, you must force yourself on a diet. You are going against a worn-in lifestyle and trying to impose another. That is never easy, except in movies and commercials. Second, what's on the menu might be a bit tasteless for you. Third, all forbidden things possess that unnaturally strong appeal. Is there more to add?This diet smells fishy

Many diets are created for short-term use, as most people will rather go for get thin quick scheme than for a long term but slower loss. Ever checked prices of a diet spa center treatment? These focus on such short term weight losses. But effects of such treatments are short-term. Pounds just hop back on you. Ever found out how this or that diet plan is now obsolete because there is a breakthrough in the nutritional science that is all the rage, and it's all in this new book?

Well, people who make a living from your desire to get rid of excess fat would like you to come back again, and that ain't gonna happen if your weight loss (or solution to it) is permanent. So, sadly, most diets are made for short effect. It is just business, like all else. Make new customers, keep the old ones.The slow but steady approach

So, where is the real answer to the problem? Honestly, it is not in new, fancy, x pounds in y days diets, nor in expensive resorts. It is in a change of lifestyle. The fact that you've put too much fat on you means that you are doing something wrong. You are either eating too much, or eating wrong kinds of food, or, usually, both. And your physical activity is probably well below what it should be. Being more active is easier than you think. Just begin to walk to places where you did not use to, it is a good start.

You like some sort of exercising? Go for it. Tried yourself in sports? No need to aim at world class - this or that sport can be (and is) a fun, stress relieving and beneficial activity for a bunch of people just like you. As for diet, you have heard this a million times already - no simple carbohydrates, no bad fats, no preprocessed foods, lean meat, fruit and vegetables, lots of fiber, and all that in a moderate quantity, and you are off to a long, but very profitable journey. Just stay on course.

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