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Loosing a stone in six weeks without miracle pills is possible and requires only some effort. It is even possible to target areas of particular embarrassment by adequate set of exercises. Here is how.

First thing to do is to check general status of the organism. As altering diet and taking up exercises is stressful to the organism, a healthy organism is required. It is therefore a very good idea to schedule a meeting with a doctor, which will run some health checks, determine if it is OK to start up with the diet and exercises and give some useful advices.

What's not for dinner - stuff to avoid stuffing

A low glycemic index (low sugar) diet is the first thing to start with. Food abundant with sugar, such as juices, fizzy drinks and cakes, as well as food rich with fat (junk food) is to be expelled from the menu, completely. Withdrawal symptoms can be expected, but with some effort of will, it should appear normal not to have this on the menu after a couple of days. Diet should include three meals a day that should be consumed slowly, so that the stomach can report it is full in time. It is also recommended to drink at least two liters of cold water every day.

How to sweat it - exercises

Minimal daily dose of aerobic exercises would be two hours. It does not need to be two hours straight; exercising can be divided into, in example, four 30-minute periods. Aerobic activities include cycling, swimming and jogging, or, for those whose shape is seriously challenged, a walk with maintained fast pace. Squeezing in some additional physical activity beside scheduled exercising, such as walking to and from the supermarket instead of driving, or walking a few bus stops is also a good idea.

Core exercises that fit into training plan include the squats, crunches, dips and body lifts. These should be executed in series of 15-20, with pauses between sets, and should be done slowly, as the muscles are forced to work harder (and burn more calories) if driven slowly instead of being jerked. Squats are good for toning the hips and butt and lower leg and back muscles.

Crunches are well known as the way to the six-packs and should be exercised in order to flatten the stomach. Dips tone up triceps and pectoral muscles and improve body posture. Body lift is a good way to tighten the butt and tone the legs.

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