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Testosterone Deficiency (TD)

After the age of 50 men are faced with significant decrease in the production of testosterone, so many people call this period of life a male menopause, andropause or grumpy old men syndrome. Only in the United States, over 13 million men suffer from this condition but mere 10% get treated for it.

Other causes of TD may include problems with the pituitary gland, hypothalamus or testicles. As the result of this medical condition men may experience abnormalities in the development of the bones and muscles, genitalia and masculinity issues. It is not rare to see problems with energy, mood changes and sexual dysfunction, caused by the lack of testosterone.

Whom To Turn to if You Suffer from TD?

The Institute of Men’s Health (IMH) may be the best choice for men suffering from testosterone deficiency. This Institute can provide solutions for men experiencing TD and they have a three week trial period. After that time, you may choose to continue with the treatment if you have noticed some improvement.

Why Is TD Treatment Important?

Manifestations of testosterone deficiency may occur at different age, but most men experience these symptoms in their 40s. TD treatment is known to help men cope with problems related to the lack of testosterone.

Decrease of muscle mass is frequently followed by the raise of body fat in andropausal men. TD may also slow down the metabolism processes and all of these may lead to heart problems and high blood pressure. TD treatment improves this condition, increasing lean body mass, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Men experiencing testosterone deficiency are more prone to osteoporosis. TD therapy can improve the bone mineral density, as well as the muscle mass in your body and this will lead to increased overall energy. Thanks to this, many older men can be physically active and enjoy all benefits of regularexercise.

TD treatment is also known to improve declining cognitive abilities. As the level of testosterone starts to rise, men usually report improvement in their memory capabilities.

Testosterone therapy is also found to produce great results for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. Sexual functioning responds well to the increase of testosterone in the body and improve sexual life of these patients. However, the treatment is successful only in men whose sexual function was affected by the low testosterone. Patients with neurological and vascular problems haven’t reported any improvement of their sexual function.

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