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Althoughmost people associate hypnosis with individuals they have seen losing controlof themselves on stage (stage hypnosis), hypnotherapy can be beneficial inovercoming numerous problems, which is a fact acknowledged even by medicalprofessionals nowadays. Stage hypnosis mislead people to believe that a personloses control of himself or herself. Quite the contrary, the individual is evenmore conscious of their environment while undergoing hypnosis, which can havemany beneficial effects on person’s health and general wellbeing.

Duringthe actual hypnosis, the person is deeply relaxed and their reception topositive suggestions is increased, similar to what the person experiences whenthey are about to fall asleep. During hypnosis, the focus is on thesubconscious part of the mind, which controls person’s behavior and reactions,instead of the conscious mind. Thanks to what is known as the “conditioning”,people are able to control their behavior. Subconscious mind contains a storeof individual’s responses, experiences and reactions, while the unconsciousmind contains the information inaccessible to the conscious mind, which can bereached when undergoing hypnosis.

Hypnosisis particularly effective in overcoming stress and anxiety. Once a personmasters the way in which to achieve the relaxed state, they are no longeraffected by the detrimental consequences of stress. Hypnotherapy can also helpin quitting smoking, overcoming fears and phobias and increasing one’sself-confidence. The conditioned behavior is susceptible to change and when aperson is under hypnosis they are more open to positive suggestions on thesubconscious level. Once these positive suggestions are approved by thesubconscious mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) takes place, whichchanges the way the person thinks in relation to smoking, thus overcoming theconditioned addictive behavior.

Sincea person is able to communicate with their subconscious mind under hypnosis,this makes it possible for the hypnotherapist to penetrate the reasons behindperson’s fears and phobias by asking questions to which the subject is able to answerusing a direct insight into their own reactions. Thus the hypnotherapist isable to come up with the solutions to help in dealing with fears and phobiasafter identifying their causes. Hypnotherapy can also help individuals to feelmore confident and empowered. The only condition necessary for hypnotherapy towork is the subject’s belief it will. This is because people respond more readilyto positive suggestions when they are put under hypnosis as the state of very deeprelaxation.

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