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Cranberries have been studied for many years. The investigation has been conducted to prove health benefits of this sweet and delicious fruit.

Most definite positive effect of cranberries consumption is prevention of urinary tract infections. Echerichia colli the most common culprits of urinary infections and generally bacterium resistant to many antibiotics may be prevented from causing the urinary infection if one eats 1/3 cup of dried cranberries a day. The very recent study conducted and published in January 2007 came to conclusion that eating cranberries on a daily bases may be a substitute for frequent usage of antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed in case of urinary infections. Still if used a lot or repeatedly they may lead to bacterial resistance. This is why this new possibility of treating urinary infections naturally is of such importance.

Cranberries have also been proven to help with the symptoms of peridontal gum disease. Certain components of this fruit prevents plaque from clutching to the teeth and gum. Since presenting this specific effect these berries can be good for blood vessels as well. Eating cranberries leads to more elastic and healthier vessels hence reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary thrombosis and stroke.

Cranberries posses certain anti inflammatory characteristics. This may be of some help in treating inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and so.

Today this fruit is studied for possible usage in prevention and treatment of cancers, diabetes and high blood pressure. They have major potential in prevention of prostatic cancer, and certain laboratory researches have shown that specific extracts of this fruit can slow down the growth and even spread of breast, colon, lung cancer as well as some other type of cancers.

Not all the people enjoy eating cranberries. Some find its taste repulsive. This is the reason why scientists have been trying to isolate the active components. Like other fruit cranberries have numerous active and healthy components including vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants. They are rich in probiotics, flavonoids and fiber. So it must be obvious that all of these together participate in health preservation and treating some of the diseases and make this fruit so special.

For all of those who cannot bear the taste of this fruit or who are not able to consume the fruit on regular bases whole food supplements are a new alternative. Supplements include the actual food that have been dehydrated, concentrated and encapsulated. Cranberry juice is something these people can use as well. Since there are certain additives like sugar present in the juice it is not as healthy as the fruit itself. All in all the best option is if one consumes the fresh fruit each and every day.

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