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We all know that drinking juice made of cranberries can help getting rid of infections in the urinary tract. But did you know that cranberries have been directly linked to fighting cancer and some heart diseases? The research conducted proved that cranberries have many more health benefits than we are familiar with. Cranberries are not appreciated enough as they should be.

The Benefits of Cranberries in Fighting Heart Disease

Cranberries also contain flavonoids and these will fight against artery hardening, which is known as atherosclerosis. They battle this condition by improving the good cholesterol and reducing the bad one so they do not clog up your arteries.

The Benefits of Cranberries in Fighting Cancer

The University of Western Ontario conducted a research which showed that animals which consumed cranberries had fewer cases of breast cancer.

The Benefits of Cranberries in Fighting Infections of the Urinary Tract

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins and these will slow down the attachment of bacteria to the wall of the urinary tract which will stop the bacteria from spreading and multiplying.

The Other Benefits of Cranberries

If you are scared of the dentist, start eating cranberries.Researches showed that by eating cranberries you will reduce the levelsof plaque and the formation of cavities. If you feel you would like to start consuming more cranberry juice,then try the new assortments with less or no sugar added. You can alsofind cranberries in the supermarkets on top of or inside muffins andother sweets or in marinades and dressings. They can come in tins, bagsand in dried form which, by the way, can be a wonderful midday snack. They are available year round and are so incredibly easy to cook up as a sauce and add to your pork or turkey dish. As we are allhealth conscious now, you may want to consider cutting back on yoursugar consumption so when following a cranberry recipe, try replacingsugar with a sugar substitute like Splenda that is resistantto high temperatures. A great idea for baking is a cranberry pumpkinbread, delicious, low in fat and high in fiber. By adding morecranberries to your and your family's diet you can increase your healthin so many ways. Your heart will thank you as well as your urinary tract will. In a nut shell, your whole body will thank you for using more cranberries in your diet.

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