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Coenzyme Q10 is a chemical compound normally present in mitochondria. Mitochondria are part of the cells in charge with energy production. This way the process of creation of adenosine triphosphate includes coenzyme Q10. Adenosine triphosphate is a source of energy for every single process in the cells. Additional role of coenzyme Q10 is that it acts as a mighty antioxidant. Therefore, coenzyme Q10 is important warrior against free radicals which cannot only lead to severe health conditions but are also involved in acceleration of the process of aging. Being an excellent antioxidant coenzyme Q10 is remarkable in prevention of potential damage caused by free radicals.

Benefits of Coenzyme Q10

Apart from being an excellent antioxidant coenzyme Q10 boosts immune system and increases the production of energy. In a combination with different medications it can successfully prevent certain medical conditions. Still there can be interactions with some of the medications so before taking coenzyme Q10 one should always consult his/ her health care provider.

The very capability of coenzyme Q10 to produce significant amounts of energy is rather important and is used in prevention and treatment of certain heart diseases. The percentage of heart attacks in people who used this coenzyme was lower than in other who did not take it. In hearth failure where heart is not able to pump blood properly due to the lack of strength coenzyme Q10 can help. The symptoms such as swelling of the lower extremities or the problems with breathing are reduced. If coenzyme Q10 is given to the patients prior the heart surgery the risk of potential arrhythmias is reduced. This coenzyme can even help people who are suffering from increased blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol in blood.

Since high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure are conditions that are present in diabetics their reduction is helpful and we can say that coenzyme Q10 also helps people who are suffering from diabetes.

The damage that certain chemotherapeutics can cause to the hearth can be properly prevented by coenzyme Q10. Even in women who have breast cancer this coenzyme can help in reduction of the size of the tumor and provide with partial remission of the disease.

People who are suffering from periodontal disease actually have low levels of this coenzyme in their bodies. Supplements of this coenzyme may help in reduction of symptoms such as swelling, bleeding and pain.

There are other benefits of coenzyme Q10 but they are being investigated in a number of clinical studies. They include increase of sperm motility, possible benefits in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, enhancement of immune system in immunodeficient people and those who suffer from chronic infections, reduction of damage caused by the stroke and so on. In cosmetic industry this coenzyme has already been use for a long time.


Coenzyme Q10 may interact with certain medications and this is why people must consult their doctors before taking dietary supplements. In rather rare cases the side effects of supplements include stomach problems.

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