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Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance of high importance for general health, and it is especially beneficial for heart conditions. Unoxidized coenzyme Q10 is called Ubiquinol and when it comes in this form, the body will use it easier than the oxidized Q10. There were many studies on Ubiquinol and they showed results that were unbelievable. All of these studies have confirmed that this substance can highly promote our well-being, which is the reason why many experts use it every day.

Why do we need Ubiquinol today?

We know that heart diseases are extremely common today, and not only today, but at least over the last 30 years. That is why the propaganda of food beneficial for heart functioning has risen so much. This happened due to the consumption of food that is treated, while in the past, unprocessed food was the only diet we had. Intake of all that unhealthy food, such as white flour, sugar and many more, leaves negative consequences on vascular system, thus leading to heart conditions. Also, the arrival of trans fatty acid increased heart disease occurrence. This fat is made by hydrogenation of oils, and it is present in different kinds of food that we eat every day. Trans fat is very unhealthy and it dramatically affects the health of the heart.

Nowadays, lots of people suffer from high level of bad cholesterol and have to use medications called statins, to keep their cholesterol under control. But what remains unrevealed is that statins actually steal coenzyme Q10 from the body. The highest amount of this coenzyme is present in heart and liver, and when you use statins, your CoQ10 slowly vanishes from your body, while problems with heart start to develop rapidly. There are people on statins who have reported pain in muscles due to deficiency of coenzyme Q10.

When to take CoQ10?

When you are in your twenties, you have enough of coenzyme Q10 in your body, but when you are 30 and older, your body can’t create enough of Q10, and which is the reason why you should consider taking supplements. You don’t have to have heart condition to take CoQ10; in fact, you can be perfectly healthy and you will still feel the difference when using this coenzyme.

Studies confirmed that Ubiquinol intake is very beneficial. Doctors consider that this supplement is of high importance in today’s world. We hope that the facts we have revealed here will encourage you to try Ubiquinol and see for yourself how it works.

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