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Introduction to Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a serious medical condition in which the heart becomes weaker and simply does not function adequately. Patients suffering from this condition require medications for the rest of their lives and the prescribed drugs will help the heart to pump blood properly. These patients are at a higher risk for arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death. Cardiomyopathy features with symptoms and signs that may resemble symptoms and signs of other heart conditions. For example, patients commonly complain about chest pain. In mild cases patients may be asymptomatic while progression of the disease leads to heart failure, arrhythmia and systemic embolization.

Encouragement for People Suffering from Cardiomyopathy

Apart from taking all the prescribed medications people suffering from cardiomyopathy are due to pay attention on what they eat. Proper and adequate nutrition is essential for this medical condition. In case one consumes food rich in all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals the condition will be better controlled.

In some cases medications that are prescribed may have certain side effects. If this is the problem a patient is due to consult a doctor who may replace the particular drug with suitable substitute or correct the dose of the drug.

Majority of patients suffering from cardiomyopathy lack energy. The problem may be partially brought under control with certain vitamin and mineral supplements. However, it is of major importance to consult a doctor prior taking any of the supplements. The doctor will chose the most convenient one and recommend the daily dose.

Coenzyme Q10 is excellent choice for people suffering from cardiomyopathy. It can increase bio-energy demands. Coenzyme Q10 plays a significant role in energy production in heart cells. The intake of this enzyme can be very beneficial for people suffering from cardiomyopathy and heart failure since such patients generally have lower levels of the enzyme comparing to healthy people.

People suffering from this serious medical condition are due to stick to doctor's orders and adopt healthy lifestyle. Namely, they must quit smoking and immediately lose excess weight. Furthermore, diet must contain small amounts of salt (less than 2,300 milligrams per day). Moderate exercises are recommended and prior engaging in any kind of physical activity a doctor must be consulted. Intake of alcohol is eliminated if not limited. And depending on the type of cardiomyopathy and the specific case the doctor may introduce several more restrictions.

Even though the condition is disabling to certain extent with proper treatment and lifestyle limitations and discipline even people suffering from cardiomyopathy may live for certain number of years after they are diagnosed with this illness.

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