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Free Radicals

Human body is designed in a way to fight anything that threatens it, whether the threat comes from outside or inside the body. Many pathogens can affect our health, but if our immune system works as it should, we won’t get sick. In the same manner, our body is able to fight free radicals.

First of all, free radicals are normally produced in everyone’s body. These are highly reactive and very unstable oxygen molecules that are a byproduct of the oxidation processes in human body. Since we need nutrients for energy and oxidation is something that happens regularly every day it is inevitable that there will be free radicals in our body. We all possess antioxidant defense system, which should fight against free radicals, and components of this system can neutralize free radicals to some extent. Precisely, these components can’t completely destroy free radicals, but joining them they create less harmful molecules and protect our organism in this way.

If there is no effective antioxidant system in the body, free radicals can seriously affect the body and all tissues, speeding the aging process up and also causing many diseases. So far, scientists linked the damage caused by free radicals to heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, cataract and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Cancer is also considered to be provoked by the harmful effects of free radicals.

What Is Antioxidant Network?

There have been many researches on antioxidants and some scientists identified 5 key antioxidant substances needed to maintain perfectly healthy antioxidant defense system of the human body, sometimes even called “the antioxidant network”. These are: vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, lipoic acid and Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10). These substances work extremely effectively together, supporting and boosting one another and thus maintaining balanced antioxidant system. Any of the components can rejuvenate another of these substances and the word scientists and doctors use to describe this behavior is “synergistically”.

According to some claims, modern day diet doesn’t provide sufficient amounts of these antioxidants and therefore people should use supplements. High quality supplements that contain above mentioned components can prevent many degenerative diseases or premature aging. Some even believe that cataract can be completely prevented and avoided if people were to use proper antioxidant supplements.

Be careful when choosing supplements, because it is not enough to take only one of the components of antioxidant network. As a matter of fact, using only one of the components might bring more damage than good to your health. Also, it is immensely important to use supplements that have been tested and pass high quality control.

One of the best supplements on the market, advertised to contain all components from antioxidant network contain: vitamin C from the Australian bush plum, vitamin E, green tea and grape pomace extracts, as well as quercetin. This product is said to be 3 to even 10 times more effective than 90 other tested antioxidant products.

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