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Earlobe infection is characterized by the swelling of theearlobe. Usual cause of this problem is infection of the skin of the ear by staphylococcusbacteria. Your ear might swell because of the frequent serious injuries to theearlobe. This often happens to people who train boxing or wrestling. Anotheroption for ear swelling may be unsterilized instrument used to pierce your ear.Additionally, wearing nickel or some other metal-made earring unsuitable for sensitiveskin may cause infection of the earlobe.

First signs of earlobe infections are tenderness or painfulsensation when we touch the ear, inflammation and rash. If the cause of earlobeinfection is an earring, earring hole might ooze yellow pus and form a stiffdry coating.

When Do You Need To See the Doctor?

Infection of the earlobe is rarely a serious condition. The firstthing you should do is to remove the earring from the affected ear. After that,wash the affected area and use some alcohol to dry off the formed pus. If you don’thave alcohol handy, simply use some hydrogen peroxide instead. Hydrogen peroxideis known to be helpful, since it can destroy the bacteria responsible for theinfection. In some cases, you could need some antibiotic or antiseptic cream. Nomatter what has caused it, ear infection should be cured in a week or two.

Seek for medical assistance if the redness spreads further thanjust the ear lobe. Another symptom to look for is fever. If this happens, youshould consult your doctor as well. Sometimes, if you haven’t paid muchattention to the symptoms and have ignored swelling of the ear you mayexperience fever. Abrasion near the earlobe during or after the insertion of jewelry could also lead to high temperature.

Can You Avoid Earring Infection?

Proper care may prevent earring infections. Although piercingthe ear might allow different microorganisms to protrude and infect this area, withsome proper care you can avoid it. Always see a professional to get your earspierced. The best bet is a jeweler, because he will clean the ear and usepiercing gun to pierce your ear. Always make sure to insert a clean earring ina new hole, to prevent potential infections.

New earring should be worn loosely, so don’t wear them tootight. Never touch the earlobes unless you have cleaned your hands, to avoidany possible infections. Ears must also be kept very clean. Some suggest using antibioticcream two times per day for several days after the piercing.

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