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Although nose piercing is something that the people in the past also did, it was rare and mostly seen is certain cultures. Nowadays, it is practically a part of someone’s style and we can see a person with a ring on the nose almost every day in the street. Since it became such a normal thing, many people with the pierced nose do not pay much attention to maintaining the nose area clean where the piercing is done, which is why nose ring infections usually occur.

Causes of nose ring infection

The main culprits for the occurrence of nose ring infection are bacteria and kind of jewelry the person uses for the nose. Sometimes, it happens that the person is allergic to some metals and as a consequence, a nose ring infection appears. However, in the majority of cases, the improper nose piercing is the prime cause for the incidence of the nose ring infection when the person who performs piercing does not use sterile appliances, as well as sterile gloves. Furthermore, the one who has just had his nose pierced should not use any creams on the pierced skin since a cream can clog the pores and induce an infection.

Touching the pierced area of the nose with the unwashed hands may bring the bacteria and lead to the incidence of an infection as well. The reason why a piece of jewelry causes the infection is that it can interrupt the blood supply to this area. On the other side, the immune system may cause an allergy to a piece of jewelry since it sees it as a foreign body.

Symptoms of nose ring infection

A person with nose ring infection usually experiences a bump on the nose accompanied by swelling, redness and pain. Furthermore, warmth of the area, as well as yellow or green discharge from the bump, is also very likely to happen when a person gets infected by this type of nose infection. Bleeding from the bump may occur as well.

Before we choose a ring for our nose, it is always important to know which metals we are allergic to. It is observed in most cases that the people are not allergic to the pieces of jewelry made of gold and titanium, as well as of sterling silver. On the other side, it is recommended to avoid gold plated and white gold nose rings, since they may lead to the appearance of an allergy and subsequently to the nose ring infection.

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