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Originally, yoga was practiced for spiritual purposesprimarily, but today, it is more a way of exercising, although it is alsorecognized as a very helpful means for mental relaxation. Benefits that thisancient Indian philosophy provides are numerous, and those who practice itbenefit both physically and mentally. Even medical scientists agree that yogatherapy creates the balance in the nervous system, and in the endocrine systemas well, which has a positive effect to all other systems and organs. For thisreason, it is recommended as a method of prevention of certain health issues, butalso as a method of alternative treatment of a number of health problems anddiseases. Yoga classes are available all over the world, which makes it much easierto learn yoga poses.

What needs to be known?

The three main aspects of yoga are exercises, breathing andmediation and they are all equally important. This means that the person whodecides to learn yoga poses needs to pay attention to all the three elements inorder to benefit from it. As for the best time to practice yoga, morning wouldbe an ideal time and before having a breakfast, or in the evening, right beforethe sun sets. As for the best location to practice yoga, it would be perfect issome fresh, clean and silent place could be found for this activity. Whileperforming an exercise, it is recommended to bear in mind the motive of theasana in question. The fact is that practically everyone can practice yoga,because there are exercises that are suitable for each age group. Yes, thismeans that not all the poses are for everyone, and there is a differencebetween the beginners and those who practice yoga for a longer period of time. Asfor the people with certain disability, it is definitely recommended that they consulttheir doctor.

Physical and mental benefits

Regarding psychological benefits, some of those that shouldbe pointed out are definitely improved concentration and mental performance ingeneral, mental clarity, increased self-awareness and improved mood andvitality. As for the physiological benefits, besides the fact that yoga affectsthe posture in a positive way, it can help in reliving the pain in a number ofconditions, it can also help those who suffer from hypertension and respiratoryproblems, but it can also help in the process of reducing weight.

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