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Red Wine

The article will focus on the calories that are contained in the red wine. Many have never even wondered about this topic and drunk red wine. The red wine production involves very quality fermentation techniques. During the procedure, there are ingredients that are used and that must be of top quality. Naturally, the most important are the grapes. The crushing techniques have to be excellent as well. The quality of wine also depends on the type of grapes used for the production. The red wine gets its color from the grape skin, which is left on during the process of fermentation. If you want to make white wine, you have to remove the skin from the grapes. The grape types are very different according to the flavor, which makes the choice of grapes much more complicated. There is extremely high number of potential wine characteristics, when having all the mentioned fact in mind. But they also influence the calories contained in the red wine. We will now see how many calories there are in this drink.


The following numbers are associated with one full glass of red wine. In this amount, there are 129 calories in Burgundy wine, 100 in Chianti, 125 in Pinot Noir, 90 in Zinfandel, 95 in Merlot, and 90 calories in Cabaret Sauvignon. The numbers show that in one glass of red wine, there is approximately 100 calories.


Now we will see which beneficial effects red wine has on a human body. This is something many studies and researches have stated. But, since there are 100 calories contained in one glass, one should be careful when consuming red wine. The grape skin and seeds are rich in antioxidants so it is the red wine as well. Form this you can see why white wine is not associated with this beneficial effect. The free radicals are eliminated due to the effect that antioxidants create. Catechin is a compound that can be found in red wine. It is associated with the heart disease risk reduction. Blood thinning will be improved due to the resveratrol found in the red wine. This substance also increases HDL levels and reduces the LDL cholesterol. This can prevent some heart problems from ever appearing. Red wine also has quercetin, which can prevent lung cancer. Some say that aging may be slowed down by the consumption of red wine. This very beneficial drink has a lot of calories. In one bottle, there are 510 calories but you can divide them among friends, while eating poultry or meats. Know that white wine is served with seafood and fish, while red wine is served with poultry and meat. There is no sodium, fat or cholesterol in a glass of red wine but there are 4 g of carbohydrates.

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