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A Thing or Two about Occupational Therapy

Many people, upon hearing about the name of this therapy, have no idea what it encompasses, let alone what it is all about. Therefore, in order to understand what occupational therapy is, we will need to explain the term occupation, which basically, means all the things we do in order to spend time. This may involve constructive things like work and hobbies, and leisure time like resting and having fun. Thus, our existence is, more or less, an occupation, which has certain ways of conduct. Namely, we have several aspects of living we need to take care of. We need to take care of ourselves, ensuring we and our families eat, sleep and go to toilet regularly, as well as groom and dress ourselves hygienically and properly. The next aspect of our lives involves our work, where we are to be “useful” through our constructive creativeness. We perform tasks which serve the advancement of our kind in a certain way. Finally, we have our free time which we may occupy as we wish, either by doing absolutely nothing and rest or by implementing some enjoyable things into our empty schedule, having hobbies and entertaining ourselves. All these aspects need to be in balance in order for us to function properly. However, sometimes, due to an injury or some similar problem, some people experience being unable to fully live up to their daily occupations. This is where occupational therapy plays an important role, helping people restore these balances in their lives.

Occupational Therapy Helping the Youngest among Us

There are many children with both physical and mental disabilities, which can find help through occupational therapy. Namely, these are children with autism, paralysis and other issues of this type. The role of occupational therapists is to make these children capable of doing all the necessary things mentioned above, later in life. Therefore, even though many might compare occupational therapy to a physical one, there are differences, especially in the application of the psychological factor as well.

The main things occupational therapy strives for, is regaining the mobility and functionality of the patient, making him/her capable of living normally and being a member of the society capable of contributing to it. What is more, these therapists will try and find out the child's affinities towards different aspects of life. Therefore, if a child is interested in football, various strength trainings and practices, gradually increasing in intensity, it will be introduced until the child is made capable of indulging into the desired activities with full functionality. The same method goes for science, art and whichever aspect of life a child is interested in. Therefore, an occupational therapist's job is quite versatile, but very humane and productive.   

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