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Breathing As a Part of Life

We are hardly ever aware of thepositive impact proper breathing has upon the course of our lives.Simply by breathing correctly and adequately, we are capable ofstaying healthy, feeling better and being more positive in everyrespect.

Thus, we need to make sure that we arebreathing optimally during every day of our life. Knowing thatbreathing can make such a change can motivate us and cause us to livelonger and happier lives, can be a motivation enough for us to paymore attention to this, natural, process.

Basically, various researches haveshown that, if we remember the patterns of our breathing sequencesfrom times when we were happy and satisfied and we apply them when weare sad and/or in a negative mood, we can reverse the process andmake ourselves happy again.

Thus, believe in this incredible powerof breathing and read the lines below in order to find out howexactly can you make this positive change in your life.

How To Breathe for a Better Life?

Of course, the first thing you need todo is to pay close attention to your breathing patterns. Whenever youare happy, concentrate on the way you are breathing. Then, oncesadness starts overwhelming you, use the previously learned breathingpatterns to fight it away and revoke positive emotions you haveexperienced in the past, solely through breathing.

There are many breathing exercises,most of which can be found online, being more than useful forstarting your every day with them or using them in specificsituations. Therefore, do not be afraid to explore and find all thebreathing methods which may enhance your life and cause you to feelmore positive whatever you do.

Sometimes, holding our breath can helpus concentrate better and focus upon the things we are doing more.Thus, try this whenever you cannot seem to get a grasp at a certainsituation.

Moreover, whenever you start exercisingyour breathing, make sure you breathe in through your nose andbreathe out through your mouth. This is the best way of breathing,since this way breathing is much more effective.

Also, inhale for about 5 seconds andexhale for 6. Doing this simple exercise for about 2 minutes can makeyou more relaxed and help you concentrate on various things you havebeen doing.

Finally, you may try to lie on yourback and breathe very fast for about 20 seconds, imitating thebreathing of a dog. Then, switch back to regular, slow breathingthrough the nose for about 20 seconds as well. This will also have apositive effect on your well-being.

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