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The Legend of Freshman Fifteen

Once you become a student living mostlyon your own, changes are about to happen. This is mostly connectedwith you leaving the warm and caring hands of your parents, whonurtured you and took good care of your lifestyle. As a student, youhave to do these things yourself. However, cafeteria seems to beagainst health when it comes to many different students sufferingfrom the same problem – weight gain. Namely, during your freshmanyear, you are likely to gain significant weight. This is influencedby several factors. As it was mentioned, poor nutrition, based on pizzas, french fries, sodas and similar food is the first one.Secondly, you are likely to stay up longer, either studying or havingfun and you are likely to experience weight gain as a side-effect ofsleep deprivation. Finally, drinking does not actually contribute to your slim bodyfigure either.

Thus, there are some things which needto be done in order to avoid the curse of the notorious freshmanfifteen. Below are the ingredients of the antidote.

Surviving Freshman Fifteen Like a Pro

Naturally, the first thing you need todo is to take good care of your nutrition. Yes, it is hard to avoidall the junk food delicacies, but brace yourself and stay resilient.Pick the salad meal instead of a burger or a pizza. Eat lightly anddo not stuff yourself. Willpower is everything.Control your nutrition. Fruits and vegetables should not be missingfrom your meals and you should have them at least twice a day.

Since you will need to make yourselfless hungry, drink water before going to the cafeteria. This can beuseful for many different reasons. Firstly, it will get your mind ofexcessive food cravings which can only make you fat. Secondly, itwill hydrate your body, keeping you healthy and refreshed. Note:sodas are not water. Rather have a natural fruit juice, but avoidregular, unhealthy and fattening ones at all costs.

Regardless of whether you want it ornot, you have to exercise if you are to stay fit and lose extra weight. Walk wherever you go, use the stairs at alltimes etc. Just make sure you have a way of spending those extracalories. Of course, going to the gym regularly will be all you need,if you are willing to sacrifice your TV or gaming time for your bodyand health.

Finally, sleeping is a must. Therefore,make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours each night. This is greatfor controlling your weight as well as for staying healthy.

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