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Rise, the Animal Inside Me

Many people who are not satisfied withtheir body weight try going on a diet of some sorts. However, then,they become completely discouraged since they are forced to avoidtheir favorite meals, with the results showing in the longestpossible timespan. This makes many people quit. Basically, diets areeffective but are very demanding and not everyone can deal with themthrough the entire “battling” process.

So, you need an alternative approach.Animals, for example, use their instincts in order to know which foodis good for them and in which quantities they should eat it. Thishelps them manage their weight better than we do. Nevertheless, wehave something similar located in our instincts too.

For example, when a baby tastessomething which it does not like, it is likely to spit it out. Thesame is with older people. The moment something disgusting reachesour mouth, we expel it and do not want to eat it. This fact about ourbehavior may be all that we need in order to lose weight quickly andeffectively.

Inborn Tricks for Controlling YourNutrition

Adding salt to your meals is likely tomake you eat more since it dulls your senses. Thus, salty meals aresomething to be avoided as much as possible, when you are trying tolose weight.

Also, speaking of things which candivert us from eating certain food, we must mention the smell.Butter, when it gets spoiled has the worst possible smell ever. Onceyou smell it, you are bound to stay away from butter for a while.

Additionally, know that, if you are tofind yourself somewhere like in the woods, not knowing what to eat,each raw food which tastes nice is good for your organism. Poisonousor spoiled food will taste terribly and you are likely to spit itout, just make sure your sinuses are healthy and not congested sothat you can breathe correctly.

So, if our nose is not working well, wecan be tricked into eating just about anything, regardless of itstaste. Moreover, if salt and other spices are added to it, we mightas well eat spoiled food without knowing it.

The same is with sweets, since theseare masked to taste and smell nice, while, at the same time, beingvery bad for your health, making you obese and, eventually, sick. Thesame goes for soft drinks and sodas, which are high in sugar andsynthetic additives, having nothing natural related to them.Regardless, their taste is camouflaged in order to trick your sensesand make you eat it or drink it. All these facts should be kept in mind.

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