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Back Acne Characteristics

Many people around the world eitherhave suffered or suffer now from back acne. To make things worse,this condition often goes hand-in-hand with facial acne. In fact,back acne are known to stay present even after one has got rid of theface ones. Thus, one is sentenced to many years of pain anddiscomfort caused by numerous pores on his or her back, clotted byabnormal hormonal activity, triggering excessive expelling of skinoil. The troubles do not stop here. Rather, once all or most of theacne are gone, they are prone to leaving scars behind them. Thesescars, serve as a reminder of all the hardships acne has made one gothrough. Nevertheless, this does not have to be so, since there areways of successfully treating back acne scars and possibly doing awaywith them completely.

How to Treat Back Acne Scars?

As it is the case with many conditionsout there, prevention is the best cure. Thus, you need to make sureyou remove acne from your back without letting them leave you withscars.

The first thing you can do is to simplyapply a small amount of lemon juice onto your troubled back parts andleave it overnight, washing the juice off in the morning.Alternatively, you may want to use a tomato pulp. Namely, you are totake it and place it equally along your back. Afterwards, you are toleave it for about an hour, before washing your back.

Turmeric powder is excellent for thesepurposes. Moreover, it can be mixed with neem leaves or mint juice,before applied on your back. Also, dry orange peel may be used duringthe application of this powder. Lavender oil or aloe gel is bothexcellent alternative. Finally, ice compression or crushed garlicmay help as well, the first in removing acne and the latter inremoving scars.

When All Else Fails

There are numerous cosmetic proceduresable to get one rid of both acne and scars on his or her back.Firstly, you may have the outer layer of your back skin removed, soas to give way to the healthier, inner layer. This is performedeither by exposing your skin to sandpaper-like machines, containingsmall granules with which they remove your skin or by applyingspecial chemicals able to do the same. Alternatively, the skin grafts maybe taken from some other parts of your body in order to replace thescarred skin. Finally, a temporary solution involves having your ownfat injected inside the scars, making it look more natural. However,this is to be redone twice a year, since it is not permanent.

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