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Acne scars

Sometimes the outbreak of acne can be a nightmare,especially if we are preparing for some important event, or when we are going outamong many people since it can be embarrassing. It is even more frustrating forthose people who have problems with acne everyday. The appearance of acne inteenagers is a quite common condition, but it results in them losing the confidence. It usually happens that while new acnes emerge, theold ones gradually disappear leaving marks behind. These marks can be evenpermanent and the skin can stay scarred for the rest of the life. However, itshould not scare anyone, since there is always something that can be done tosolve the problem.

Fortunately, there are several things that thepeople with this skin problem can do in order to eliminate this ugly skinscarring. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist, a doctor specialized inskin problems who will prescribe the appropriate treatment according on thetype of the skin, as well as according to the condition of the old acne scars.

Treatment for old acne scars

There are several natural remedies for getting ridof the old acne scars, but the best are lemon juice and rosemary water. It isadvisable for every person to first try these natural remedies for this conditionand then opt for some medical treatment.

Among the most advisable medical procedures arechemical peels, in which particular chemicals are applied on the affected skin, which usually leads to the blistering of the epidermis. After a couple of days, theskin peels off, thus relieving a layer of skin that is healthy. It is quite normalthat the skin becomes somewhat dry and red after these peels, which should be repeatedseveral times in order to be effective.Another procedure used for eliminating old acne carsis called dermabrasion, and during this procedure, the upper layer of the skin is rubbed off bythe means of a special device with a rotating brush head. This procedure, as wellas chemical peels, is only recommended for the acne scars that are not too deep.Dermabrasion also needs several repetitions and it is done with a localanesthesia.Laser treatment is necessary for the people who have problems with severe scaring, when the acne scars are too deep to be treatedwith dermabrasion and chemical peels. In a laser treatment, the lasers canpenetrate deep into any layer of the skin, thus eliminating thescars effectively.

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