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There are a large number of people who suffer from acne.Acne is the most common skin related type of medical condition and it isusually described as very unsightly. Most people who suffer from acne usuallyfeel pretty much embarrassed and uncomfortable all the time, so theydesperately try out every possible method of treatment. More often than not,people opt for using traditional, natural methods of treatment as they are muchhealthier and are not affiliated with any types of side effects. Certain typesof food items and juices can be used for the prevention and treatment of acnevery efficiently, and to top it all off most of them come at a fairly cheapprice.


There are numerous types of juices which are advertised onthe Internet and the television but one may also use other juices too. Applejuice is one such juice, and it is very efficient when it comes to clearing theskin. One may consume two apples a day in order to improve the overall healthcondition and to provide the skin with a natural type of glow. Apples are veryefficient in killing off all the harmful bacteria which are responsible for theclogging up of the skin pores. The bacteria are the main cause of theoccurrence of acne. Banana is another type of fruit which may be of great helpwhen it comes to preventing and treating acne. Banana is an excellent source ofpotassium and it can be used for the treatment of numerous different sorts ofmedical conditions. Banana is rich in fiber and it can be of great help inweight loss and it may come in very handy for all those who suffer fromdehydration. Acne is often associated with scars, but they can be erased byusing various sorts of citrus fruits. These types of fruit contain plenty ofacids which may be very helpful when it comes to removing the dead skin cellsand providing the skin with a much lighter appearance. Lemon juice is perhapsthe most efficient one, but one may also try to use tomato juice for the samepurposes. Carrot juice may also provide the user with wondrous results, becausecarrots are an excellent source of numerous different kinds of preciousnutrients. All types of fruits are very efficient when it comes to boosting theimmune system, regulating the hormones and detoxifying the body.

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