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Baby neck rash treatment

It is not uncommon to see rash on the neck of the babies. The main reason for this is because their skin is still quite tender. The rash is resolved easily with proper treatment but the babies will feel major discomfort because of it. This neck rash is caused by heat, irritation and moisture. Young babies no more that 4 months old have this problem more often since they still can not lift their head and the neck folds rub against each other. Moisture on the specific area occurs when the milk is spilled. Apart from the irritation these rashes may even cause pain in some cases. A baby may even lose the appetite. A parent need not worry much if his or her baby gets this rash because it is bound to happen until the baby can sit on its own. This rash is represented in spots, bumps, dryness and red, bumpy areas. In most cases itchiness accompanies the rash. The parent must make sure that the baby does not scratch the area. Cream, ointments or moisturizers are mainly used for the treatment. Causes of baby neck rash

IntertrigoThis is probably the thing that causes most rashes. Until the moment the baby can hold the head on its own these rashes will appear because of the friction.

Heat rashesHeat can cause the skin of the baby to get irritated. Heat rash is manifested in small red bumps on the skin. Sweat that deposits in the neck folds is the main cause of the rash.

Yeast infectionCandida yeast infection may cause the rash on the neck of the babies. In this case, a parent should use an anti-fungal in order to cure the infection.

Stork bitesThis is the name that is given for the birthmark that appears on the neck and the back of the baby. This reddish spot on the skin is a group of blood vessels that the baby got from the mother. This is nothing serious and it will clear on its own in a few months. Baby neck rash treatment

Cold water bathsThis is an excellent option since cold water cools the skin which has been irritated.

CornstarchThis should be used in a case of rash. However, when putting this on the rash the parent must be careful not to get any of it on the baby's face.

OatmealOatmeal baths are probably the most popular remedy for treating rashes.

Baking soda compressAll a parent needs to do is dip a cloth into some water and add one teaspoon of baking soda. The cloth is then to be put right on the neck. This will ease the discomfort caused by the itch.

Some topical treatments and allergy medications can be used for the treatment of this problem as well.

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