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Diaper rashes may appear regardless of the type of diapers that are used. By following a few simple words of advice, most rashes can be eliminated.

Cloth diapers require cleaning with products that are specially designed for sensitive baby skin. It is recommended to use a smaller amount of soap than for other laundry.

For extra whitening, every once in a while, some bleach may be used. Also, Tee Tree oil or vinegar can be added, in order to eliminate bacteria. It is quite surprising that a simple household item can have such strong cleaning power and at the same time be so gentle on the baby's skin.

It is crucial to try different kinds of soap, in order to find the right one that suits the baby's skin best. All babies are different, and so is their skin.

It is not bad to bear in mind that there could be leftover soap in the washing machine from earlier. If different soaps are used, the washer should be rinsed before cleaning the diapers.

In order to avoid molds, soaking diapers should be avoided.

Disposable diapers come from different manufacturers who use different technologies. Babies may react differently to different brands of diapers, so it is recommended that a person experiments with different kinds in order to choose the brand that suits the baby's skin best.

In order to treat a diaper rash properly, it needs to be determined what kind of rash is in question.

Yeast may be the cause of some diaper rashes. They are rather persistent and, without treatment, can cause open sores.

If this kind of rash is suspected, sugar should be avoided in a baby's diet, as well as in the mother's if she is breastfeeding. This type of rash can be treated with a solution of baking soda and water every time the diapers are being changed.

If the rash does not clear after some time, a pediatrician should be consulted.

Chickweed (Stellaria media) may also be used for most diaper rashes.

In order to prevent rashes, it is important to make sure that the baby's skin is dry after cleaning. If the diaper rash continues, or if it gets worse while experimenting with different kinds of detergent for the cloth diapers, it is advisable to use disposable diapers for a while, in order to let the baby's skin heal. Once it heals up, the search for the right detergent can continue.

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