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Diaper rash can give a real hard time to a child as well as to a mother. Some products on the television may or may not cure or prevent a diaper rash, and it is never enough money for such products. There are many powders, ointments and such on the market, and they all suppose to treat diaper rash and may having other side effects on side that might harm a baby’s lungs or something else.

The best would be preventing a diaper rash in the first place or at least minimizing the possibility. Also, explore a diaper type best suitable for your baby’s skin. Changing diaper every 10 minutes is not a good idea. If you are not using disposable diaper, use cotton towels for diaper, it is a good and cheaper way to dry out the baby.

Do not use any chemicals while washing, because it might cause reaction with a wet skin. Baby towels are supposed to be washed in hot and light detergent. If there is bleach used to white a baby towels, then wash it really good with 1 cup of vinegar. With disposable diapers, it is not necessary to change diapers ever so often. Urine can wait, but soft baby stool can’t, because acid in the stool can irritate baby’s skin in no time, so in case of stool, change diaper very quickly.

Red irritated skin, cracked and very painful blisters on a baby bum is a diaper rash. The rash sometimes includes blisters and puffy appearance. Such irritation can tire mother and a baby, because rashes upset babies and babies cry.

First put the baby on a soft cotton sheet naked. Cool off babies back with fan or mild draft a bit (but do not leave a fan on without you being there).Apply aloe vera gel on baby’s back, massage it and dry the moist before you put a diaper back. Put two spoons of baby powder on a diaper first before you stick it to a baby.Avoid ointment for that case it might irritate baby’s skin even more.Every baby has a different skin so exploring different ways to find is what is best for your baby.

Always double check the baby powder, because bad choice of powder may cause yeast infection. A combination of Aloe Vera Gel and unscented Vaseline may be a very good mixture because it will stop overmoisting due to urinating.

A decent diaper may spare babies from great deal of pain and may spare working mother from a great deal of sleepless night. So choose carefully a diaper and baby lotions, always double check the products and trust only your instinct.

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