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How to get rid of heat rash

Heat Rash

We will talk about a very common problem, which will probably affect you at least once during your life, and it is called heat rash. First of all, it will make you look very unappealing, particularly since it seems to develop at the worst time possible. So, we will get more familiar with this problem in the following lines. This problem has several other names such as red miliaria, miliaria, prickly heat rash, and prickly heat, and it occurs when the pores are clogged with bacteria, dead skin or sweat. The sweat goes into the skin on the areas where there is a direct contact between the skin (under the breast, between the thighs, groins or armpits), but it can affect other areas such as chest, hairline, neck, abdomen, face and back area. You can let it be and it will disappear on its own, but it is important to know that there are some ways to eliminate the problem faster, and we will see which those are.


First you will have to go to some cool place without the heat and with air conditioning. Try to drink some fluid, like a juice or water and remember never to touch the heat rash because you can make the irritation worse. Next you will have to eliminate the harmful material on your skin, so take a bath and the pores might unclog. To the bath water you can add 3 tablespoons of baking soda or one cup of ground oatmeal. Use soap without deodorizers and try to air dry. You can also take cold shower if for some reason you cannot take a bath. And remember not to rub the heat rash. Skin has to make as much contact with the air as possible, so try not to wear clothes. You will need to keep the body dry because moist helps the heat rash. You can wrap a cold compress and apply it on the affected area, but replace the towel if moist appears. Try to wear breathable and natural fiber clothes and avoid polyester and other synthetic fibers. If the heat rash is present on the testicle area, try wearing regular whiteys. You can get Hydrocortisone cream or Calamine lotion, which will take care of the itch and do not hesitate to see a doctor if the itch is bad. The problem can be eliminated faster with the use help from home remedies. What you need is a regular powder, which should be applied once you get to a cold place, take a bath and dry off. You can use powders such as talcum powder, baby powder or corn starch.


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