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Autoimmune deficiency is a condition when the immune systemattacks the body cells and tissues due to the immune system weakness. We allknow that the main immune system function is to protect our body from theexternal agents such as bacteria, viruses and other things that can be a potentialdanger to our body. In the case of the autoimmune deficiency condition, completely the opposite thing occurs and the immune system starts attacking the bodyitself.

The autoimmune deficiency is hereditary in most cases. Thereare a lot of cases where autoimmune deficiency develops during a pregnancy, but there are many types of auto immune disorders that can affect people of bothgenders, regardless of their age.

When someone`s immune system starts slowly to attack bloodvessels, red blood cells, tissues that have the role of connecting, endocrine,digestive and nerve system, then it is said that he/she suffers from autoimmune system deficiency. The symptoms are not the same for every person and itis a real problem to predict what the immune system will attack next. Becauseof the fact that the immune system is occupied with attacking its own body, theexternal agents are left free to do whatever they want and our body is liable to developing conditionsthat were defended by our immune system. As the time passes by, our body isbecoming more and more weak.

Causes of Auto Immune Deficiency

The exact cases that lead to the development of autoimmune deficiencyare not determined, but according to the experts, there are some that are said tolead to this condition. These causes include genetics or hereditarypredisposition, pregnancy, excessive iodine, anxiety, toxins, external viruses, and immune system that have weakened due to long abuse of substance.

Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or widely known as AIDS isone of the autoimmune disorders. It is caused by an external virus HIV. Theresult of this condition is very fast and severe weakening of the body. Thisonsets many other viruses and bacteria to attack our body, which makes thebody liable to many other diseases. Sadly, many people suffer from thiscondition and the cure for AIDS isn’t discovered yet.

But, here we write about other autoimmune deficiency that isn’tdangerous as AIDS. If this disorder develops in a child, its cause is mostlikely to be linked to genetics. Then, the complete alteration of child’s diet and lifestyle is required.

Cure and Treatment

As we don’t know the exact cause for autoimmune deficiencysyndrome, we don’t have the proper cure for it. The only thing that we can doin order to help a person suffering from it is to use anti-inflammatory andother medications. We have to ensure that this person isn’t exposed so much toexternal factors that may attack the body even more. It is important to learn how to live with itand always think positive and optimistic.

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