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We could not survive without the immune system that fights against the microorganisms that are attacking our body. If the immune system fails, the body may will develop a medical condition and eventually die. That is why immune system is so important for the survival of humans.

Immune system in general

Immune system is actually a system that protects our body from harmful microbes and keeps us in good health. This system includes different cells, tissues and lymph nodes that get activated when our body needs to struggle against microorganisms. If our immune system is weak, harmful microbes will infect our body easily and cause illnesses. These illnesses will reoccur if we do not strengthen our immunesystem.

What are the functions of immune system?

The immune system has the function to prevent viruses and bacteria from infecting our body. It defends our body from these harmful microbes and keeps us healthy. This is a very important function of our immune system, but another important function is to create white blood cells that are fighting directly against the pathogens. These cells can kill viruses and bacteria and therefore, keep us in good health. They also defend our organism from pathogens, without allowing them to spread all over our body.

The immune system is able to recognize harmful bacteria, which is very important since our body also contains beneficial bacteria that must not be destroyed. With this ability, we can be sure that our immune system destroys only pathogens, without fear that it will attack beneficial bacteria.

It also has the capability to inform the body that it has been attacked. We get high body temperature due to the activity of the immune system. This is very useful function, because that way the immune system develops recognizable symptoms due to which we are able to know that something is wrong and that we must seek for professional help. If we want to live a long life and maintain our health, we must be very careful about our immune system. We must be sure that it will function properly and that can be done by healthy dieting, avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes. If we do not nourish our immune system, it will be weak and our general health jeopardized.

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