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If we get attacked bybacteria, fungi or viruses, chances are that we will probably get infected,though not necessary. If our immune system is strong, our body will manage tostay healthy, but if not, infection will occur. The symptoms by which we canrecognize that we are infected include enlargement, pain and redness ofaffected area, but signs such as high body temperature, tiredness, vertigo, andthrowing up can also appear.

Medicines & Diet

There are medications thatare available without prescription for any kind of infection, but if they don’thelp you, visit the doctor. Also, there is a possibility to use strongermedications prescribed by the doctor. For infection caused by bacteria, antibioticsare helpful, while other drugs are used for the treatment of infections causedby viruses and fungi. Sometimes even an operation can be an option in order totake out the infected tissue.

Avoid consumption of sugar,alcohol and fat, because these products have negative effect on the immunesystem. When your immune system is weakened, your body is not able to defenditself and the infection will occur. Every allergy should be treated, becausepeople who have allergies have infections more frequently than those withoutallergies.

Vitamins that may behelpful

Vitamin A can be helpful infighting against infections, but only in those countries where people usually donot take enough vitamins. In developed countries in which residents usevitamins on regular basis, vitamin A does not help with the infections. Also,this vitamin is efficient only in some infections such as rubella and diarrhea.Vitamin that is effective in combating viruses is vitamin C. For example,bacteria in yogurt can help in destroying invasive bacteria, while probioticsare also good for infections, because they activate our immune system to fightagainst the invaders. Zinc can benefit in the process of immunization, butif taken in higher doses than recommended, it can cause unwanted effects.Medical advisers say that zinc should be taken in low doses (25 mg daily orless) and only if infections are repeating.

Studies showed that thosewho were taking multiple vitamin-mineral formulas for the period ofone year had 80 % less infections than those who were not. Selenium andglutamine are also helpful for this condition.

Herbs that may be helpful

There are many herbs thathave positive impact on our health. Some of them, which are good forimmunization include andrographis, American ginseng, ligustrum, mai taleand many others. Some herbs like eucalyptus, onion, green tea andothers go straight to attacking microorganisms, while there are herbsthat are capable of helping our immune system and attack microorganisms at thesame time. Such herbs are Echinacea, licorice, osha, etc.

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