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Immune system consists of various structures in the bodywhich protects us from the diseases and different microorganisms. The structuresincluded in the immune system are: special cells, tissues and organs. Someprocesses and products of human cells are considered to be a part of the immunesystem as well. Immune system is responsible for detection of pathogens, differentiationof healthy and infected cells and also for the reaction against thesepathogens. Pathogenic agents might be everything from viruses, bacteria and fungito parasites.

To keep our immune system healthy and ready to defense us,it needs nutrients. If there happens to be lack of those nutrients, it affectsthe immune system and makes it weaker, and exposes the human organism todiseases. Immune system could be also weakened by the stress, pollution, orbecause of the old age.

There are many different nutrients that could help our immunesystem to function better and protect us even more of various health issues andimmune system supplements are proven to be very helpful.


Many vitamins can boost your immune system, and vitamin A, B,C and E supplements are the best for this purpose. Vitamin A will boost the strength,growth and repair of all human cells and vitamin B supplements will increase specificallywhite blood cells, important for the defense of the organism. Vitamin C hasmany beneficial properties in the human body, and for the immune system it helpsin production of anti-stress hormones and interferon and raise the level ofglutathione. All of these substances are found immensely important for ourimmune system. One of the greatest antioxidants, vitamin E protects the bodyfrom free radicals and aids the production of white blood cells.

Organic Pigments

Carotenoids, especially beta carotene also help our immunesystem. They are responsible for the increase of the cells fighting against pathogens,but they have some antioxidant properties.


Zinc and selenium supplements are also beneficial for theimmune system. When your body has enough of these minerals, immune systemproduces more white blood, killer and anti-cancer cells.


Astragalus, echinacea and garlic supplements can also be veryhelpful. These herbs will boost all the components of your immune system andyou won’t have any side effects whatsoever. They could be useful to fightcommon cold, cough and influenza, but also some more serious health condition,such as viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. The common recommendation isto use these herbs before you start feeling ill, for best results.

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