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The human immune system is a delicate but powerful mechanism that responds to attacks from outside the body, and foreign objects within the body. These foreign invaders are primarily various microbes, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Immune system is responsible for many different processes in the body and one of the principle tasks of immune system is to recognize potentially threatening cells and distinguish them from its own cells. In some cases, this process breaks down and the immune system mistakenly attacks self-cell. This is the case of inappropriate immune response, of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and some forms of arthritis and diabetes.

The importance of strong immune system

Different factors such as the age, stress, and poor nutrition can drain our immune system of its efficiency. A healthy immune system grows ever more important as we become old, and immune status is closely related to nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management. A polluted environment is another weakening factor, as our bodies have to handle a greater "toxic load". When the toxicity rises, the immune system works harder to identify and detoxify pollutants, lowering its efficiency. Strengthening the immune system is not only vital for recovering from illness, but also for maintaining good health.

Supporting the immune system naturally

The immune system is the body’s natural defense mechanism, highly complex and finely tuned. The immune system is amazingly powerful but whenever it’s not in highest condition, it may fail to operate as it should. However, there are many natural methods and herbal remedies which can have tremendous positive effect on humans’ immune system.

A well-balanced diet and good nutritional habits are effective ways to strengthen the immune system. A proper diet consists of a lots of vegetables and fruits, leafy greens, citruses, berries, green tea, yogurt and fish.

Another easy way to support the immune system is to give it enough time to recovery and rejuvenate. Eight hours of sleep, every day, will maintain metabolic processes in the body at optimum level and keep the body’s defense always alert.

Stress can also be very exhausting. Sometimes, it may even trigger various negative physical reactions. There are many efficient relaxation techniques available, from meditation to breathing exercises, and all of them are equally good for the purpose.

Regular physical exercise will improve blood circulation and exchange of the nutrients in the body, keeping it strong and nourished, able to resist to any kind of health related danger.

Besides these natural ways to strengthen the immune system, there are also vitamin and mineral supplements, especially formulated to fortify the cells and organs of the immune system.

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