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All of us are well familiar with the importance of the immune system for our bodies, but sometimes we seem to neglect this fact. Infections try to invade our bodies and the immune system repels these attacks, If the immune system was compromised the defense would be weaker and infections and illnesses would be more effective as they try to invade our bodies.

Compromised Immune System

Compromised immune system is a problem that can affect a variety of people but it is most common among those with congenital diseases and AIDS. Such diseases will compromise the immune system first and then more serious problems, in the form of infections and may develop. This is why people who have compromised immune system also have repetitive viruses and colds. Many factors, like chronic stress, smoking, lack of rest and deficiencies of vitamins, influence the immune system and may compromise it. Also, the body's overall health and the strength of the immune system greatly depend on good nutrition. You can get immune system enhancers and aids that have mineral and vitamin supplements and such products are for those who lead improper diet and have increased risk of compromised immune system. There are some vitamins that are more important (such as vitamins C and A) than others, but combinations of vitamins are also important. By taking a good multi-vitamin, you can get all the nutrients you need for a healthy and strong immune system.


During the day your cells become damaged and they are repaired during sleep. If we do not sleep properly the cells will not repair. During the day the immune system provides protection from injuries and during the night it destroys the invasion of infections, viruses and so on. Vitamin C is taken and used from the body when we smoke cigarettes and this could lead to problems with mineral and vitamin absorption. Eliminating smoking from your habits is essential if you have a compromised immune system or some other disease that can affect the immune system. Stress also should be reduced but this may be difficult to achieve. There are immune system aids, such as andrographis paniculata, and vitamin supplements that should be used by those who cannot reduce the stress in their lives. Although it can lead to certain problems with liver since it is toxic for this organ Some herbalist recommend the use of Echinacea.

Allergy, allergic rhinitis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the numerous diseases that are also associated with improper immune system response. This happens because when the allergy occurs, the healthy cells are attacked by the immune system and an infection develops. Besides diseases, medications can compromise the immune system as well. The number of white blood cells can be increased with immune system enhancers and aids, anti-inflamatories and corticosteroids, and this will decrease the chances of developing infections and complications connected with influenza and other common viruses. The biologically active component called beta glucan can also aid in the protection from infections, flu and colds and stimulate the immune system.

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