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The immune system is the most complicated system in ourbody, and therefore, it is liable to problems. The foreign particles that affectit are called antigens. In many cases, the immune system crashes due toa virus or a bacteria and the treatment of a diseases can result as well in the positiveoutcome and in the negative one (AIDS, cancer).


There are some signs and symptoms that can indicate that there is some immune disorder occurring in the body. These signs include low or decreased appetite or anorexia, underweight, high temperature and fever, pneumonia and meningitis and allergic reactions. Here, we will try to name some of the most frequent immunesystem disorders.

DiGeorge Syndrome is an immune system disorder that is causedby an underdeveloped gland. This disorder is also called dysplasia.SevereCombined Immunodeficiency is caused by an absence of the B and T lymphocytes and in that case, the immune system is liable to infections, because it can’t beprotected from them.HIV/AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is probablythe best known immunity system disorder and so far, a cure for it hasn’t beenfound. A person suffering from HIV is prone to many infections, because of theinability of the immune system to defend from them and the fatal outcome ispossible.Allergic Disorders include asthma and eczema, and can be chronic or hereditary.AutoimmuneDisorders are disorders in which the immune system doesn’t recognize its ownhealthy organs and therefore, it attacks them. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis issuch a condition and in this case, the immune system attacks knee joints andother joints because it believes that they are foreign objects in the body.Cancer is an immune system disorder in whichthe organs deteriorate due to the growth of malignant cells. Because the treatmentrequires chemotherapy and radiation, the immune system is further weakened.One of such cancers is leukemia promoting the growth of leukocytes that ishigh above the average level.

Causes and Treatment of Immune System Problems

The causes for immunesystem disorder can be various, starting from virus, bacteria and pathogens, but they can also appear due to the genetics. One of the major immunesystem disorders is HIV, because it can destroy the immune system very fast, and aperson diagnosed from HIV can die even from cold, because the immune system is soweak that it can’t fight it. Some other causes are allergies, deficiencies andcancers. The treatment of the immune system disorders consists of intake ofvitamins (B6, D and D) and a proper diet.

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