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Immune System

We live in a world which is nothing like the one in the past, if we are talking about the attacks on the human immune system. The immune system works by finding distinction between the non-self and self, with the following destruction of the non-self. If our body works optimally, there is no chance that we will suffer from a severe or chronic medical problem. But, like we have said in the beginning, the world we live now puts the immune system under a great stress and dangers. There are many toxins and microorganisms around us and we need protection from them, which should come from the immune system. There are questions associated with the fact that the problems that have been treated successfully during the course of a person's life might lead to death in the older days. There are many dangers for human organism, such as West Nile virus, bird flu, SARS and many others. Immune system is what makes people separate entities and individual. Impaired immune system and chronic or severe diseases are connected, which is officially confirmed.

Every illness is associated with the lowered activity of the natural killer cells. The immune system recognizes more than 187 types of cell, like the helper T cells, which are the immune system's brain. When there is an immune threat, they will react. Also, when viral and bacterial invasion is present, the antibodies are released by the B cells, while cancers and viruses are responded to with cytoxic T cells. Once the danger has been eliminated, the immune system releases the suppressor T cells. Every aspect of the response from the immune system involves the macrophages.


The immune system can attack the body itself if an invader is identified incorrectly. The system in question will be compromised due to stress, toxicity and poor nutrition. The immune system can be stressed in few areas, which we can improve by following a few simple steps. In order to do this, we have to make the immune system strong and this can be done with proper nutrition. The greatest number of people do not eat healthy and do not get enough minerals and vitamins that the body needs. If you do not eat right, you will have to change eating habits in order to get the needed nutrients. Also, risks associated with diseases can be reduced with the use of supplements.

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