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Muscle mass building is more than just lifting weights. Ofcourse, hard and intensive training session is the base of muscle growth process,but that is just one part of the formula. The other part includes controlled eatingand the use of supplements.


Muscle building nutrition plan is really important becausebad eating habits can eliminate all the effort put in the training session. Junk foodand overeating are enemies of each person, and as such, they simply must not bepresent in the menu. So, what is allowed then for a serious athlete? First of all, there are some general, simple rules. Try to eat organic food as much as possible and do notuse sugar or even artificial sweeteners. Also, there mustbe at least 5 or 6 meals in a day, meaning that eating should be done in eachcouple of hours. This is important because that will keep the basal metabolismconstantly active, which will constantly burn energy and eliminate excessivefat tissue. With this eating schedule, the amounts of meals will reduce andthat will directly reduce the diameter of intestines, reducing the stomachdiameter.

Choice of food

When it comes to muscle mass building, it is obvious that the intake of proteins has to be increased. There is a basic rule that for a beginner, one gram of proteins for about two pounds of weight of the practitioner must betaken. It would be for the best if those proteins come from fish and poultry(white meat). Other sources of proteins include eggs, turkey, dairy productsetc. Even though these mentioned types of food are rich in protein, they alsocontain a lot of fats, so attention is required. And also, a lot of vegetablesmust be taken. Veggies contain very low level of calories but are excellentas vitamin and mineral source. Furthermore, the increase of proteins does not meanthat the amount of carbohydrate should be reduced. On the contrary, carbs are excellent source ofenergy and must be taken because a lot of energy is needed for using additionalweight in a training session. Water is also essential; it should be taken alot, especially if a lot of sweating occurs during exercising. Taking waterwill also slightly help with weight reduction.

Combining a good exercising plan and complementing menu isthe best way for increasing the muscle mass. Also, a practitioner might usesupplements for some additional effect. There are muscle mass gainers, energyboosters, fat burners, vitamin cocktails etc., all designed to help people whoare in an intensive training process.

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