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Aromatherapy can help a person to feel more relaxed and to get rid of the tension. Many scientists claim that the stress is the main reason for many disorders, whether they are physical or psychological, which is why a lot of people choose to practice different techniques that can make the stress go away. Aromatherapy is a very famous technique in stress relieving and weapons that aromatherapy uses in combating against stress are essential oil blends. There are different kinds of aromatherapy recipes and oils that are needed are very easy to find, so you can prepare them at your place.
What are aromatherapy recipes?
You should mix essential oils as it says in the recipe. When you make mixtures from oils, you can use them as bath, for massage and you can even make candles. For example, if you suffer from stress, anxiety or sleeping difficulties, you should use a bath made of three drops of eucalyptus, three drops of clary sage essential oil and add two drops of mint. You should put these drops separately in the hot water that is in your tub and after that mix it and live in this mixture for about an hour. After this aromatherapy, you can bath.
Recipes for soaking your feet
You can mix 4 drops of ginger, 2 of bay leaf, and 2 of tea tree and soak your feet in that mixture. The method is the same as with the bath, but the only difference is that you should hold your feet in that mixture for 20 minutes and after that massage them with lavender oil.
Recipes for massage
When you want to do a massage of the head, you should use 3 drops of lemon, 6 of eucalyptus, 6 of lavender and 60 ml of oil made from grape seeds. After you have made this mixture, warm it up a little and put it on different areas of the head. Massage your head slowly and softly and leave the mixture on your head as long as you can. It would be best to do this in the evening so that you could sleep with the oil on your head and wash it off tomorrow. If you want to make a mixture for massaging your back, then put two drops of eucalyptus oil, two of lavender oil and one drop of lemon oil inside the 20 ml of almond oil. It will be much nicer if someone else can massage your back and the effect will be better. There are different recipes for different kinds of health issues and you should choose the one that suits you best.

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