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Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine, though many people use it in their own homes just to relax, and feel better. With essential oils that were "harvested" from a variety of herbs, plants, and fruits, we can change our mood for the better and even cure physical symptoms, proponents say. Aromatherapy is used to treat insomnia, cure headaches, and nausea among other things. Now, all of that would be extremely useful during pregnancy, wouldn't it?

Only when you are pregnant, aromatherapy should be approached with caution. Why? Some essential oils are perfectly safe to use in pregnancy, while others can put your baby at risk. Much like Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative and natural treatment, aromatherapy can be useful in treating ailments, but also carries dangers. Different sources will give often contradicting information about which oils are safe and which are not. For me personally, that is enough reason to stay away from them in pregnancy. After all, unless you are a professional you do not know exactly which oils are safe and which are not.

Some aromatherapy bottles are a mixture of various oils and can include both safe and unsafe ingredients. Here are some oils that you should especially watch out for during pregnancy:

Lavender oil Tea tree oil Clary Sage Cinnamon Rose Geranium

Some of these are cytotoxic, and can be used to induce labor or start a miscarriage. It is clear how serious the effect of some of these oils are, so extremely caution is advised. Perhaps it is safer to keep your oil burner in the closet while you are expecting altogether, though some are said to be safe. Some moms have used orange and lemon oils to combat morning sickness with great success, and many others are also likely to be completely harmless. I don't take my chances and stay away from essential oils during pregnancy.

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