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Aromatherapy is one of the many forms of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials or essential oils for healing. As the aromatherapy heals both the mind and the body, it is often used in the treatment of various infectious diseases and as a successful method of stress management. This practice uses natural oils extracted from various parts of the plant: flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other.
The essential oils
These extracts, also known as essential oils, are the fragrant essences of the plants. Their high concentration provides a strong aroma and has healing properties. The oils are obtained by either steam distillation or pressing. The steam distillation is steaming of the plant matter in which it breaks down. The product of the breakdown is the essential oil, which first needs to be separated from the water.
Application of aromatherapy
Essential oils are highly concentrated and only in the very small number of cases one is advised to apply the oil directly to the skin. More commonly, oils are diluted in water or other neutral carrier oils, before being used.
The easiest way to apply aromatherapy in everyday life is to add essential oils to baths. A few drops of carefully chosen essential oil could do miracles for the overall health. The pleasant fragrance will at the same time sooth the mind and increase the blood circulation.
A massage is another great way to enjoy aromatherapy. For this purpose, essential oils are blended with carrier lotions, such as almond, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. During the massage, the oils are absorbed into the skin, where they enter the bloodstream and produce healthy effects.
Vapor inhalation of essential oils is especially good for patients with respiratory problems. This method is equally successful in the treatment of sinus infections. To enjoy this method add five drops of essential oil into the steaming water and inhale with a towel placed around the head, so that the aroma does not escape.
The essential oils can be used in a blend with one's favorite carrier lotion, massage oil or cream. This works pretty much the same as the massage technique, but it is simpler to use. It is the best possible way to have a quick relaxing routine on a busy day.
Compress method is used to sooth the pain in the muscles, forehead or stomach. To heal your body with essential oils add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and dip a washcloth into it. The washcloth should be used as a compress and applied on the affected parts of the body.

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