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Armpit Rash

This problem can sometimes be a great trouble, since it can cause skin conditions, which usually become constant. The problem is considered to be very common and widespread. We will focus on the treatment of this problem. The armpit rash can cause some problems such as increased armpits odor, skin color changes, pain or itchiness, and it can create great discomfort and even mental problem, because a person can be embarrassed by it. So, the most common solution is longer sleeves. The area around the armpits is maybe the area we think about the least. People usually do not even consider having a problem with armpits, but the problem may be detected when we see this region and the rash. The problems such as black or reddish spots, bumps, itchiness and irritation are connected with the skin disorder. In the following text we will talk about the most common causes of the armpit rash and the ways of eliminating it.

Causes and Treatment

When we talk about the problem in question, the most common cause for this problem is allergic reaction. This problem is usually caused by items such as perfume, deodorant, soap, and powder or similar. For the proper treatment to take place, a proper diagnosis has to be made. Only, if the proper cause for the problem is detected, the treatment will follow. Folliculitis can also cause the armpit rash. The rash is created because of the infected hair follicles. The follicles, located under the arm, can become damaged because of the shaving or actions like underarm friction. The looks of the rash is similar to pimples and it is described as painful, red and bumpy. The treatment used in such situations involves the elimination of any hair removal during the time needed for the rash to be eliminated. There is also the passivity rash, created due to the hair removal method. If this happens, you need to observe the method and see the effects. Friction has to be eliminated, so wear clothes that do not promote friction. The next cause we will mention is the fungal infection. The area around the armpits is very prone to the bacterial infection. Yeast or other fungi produces itchy, red and flaky patches on the body. There are different fungi that can cause the problem, so the cause needs to be detected and treated. The cleansing of this area is needed since it can sometimes prevent to problem. The heart will be gathered and this is one of the causes. For this problem, use ice on the affected locations. There are remedies that can prove useful. They are promoting skin beauty and they are vitamin E oil or tree oil. The armpits need to be clear for this procedure. The regeneration of the skin will benefit from the use of vitamin E, tree oil, aloe Vera, but also remember not to wear tight clothes. The problem with sweating is also present in some cases and it can make the problem with rash even more grave. Remember to visit the doctor if you perceive the problem.

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