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Hormonal disorders can lead to the appearance of nodules in the breasts. That is not alarming if these nodules eventually subside. Nodules may indicate the existence of cyst and problems in the duct or the lobes. The appearance of lump in the armpit can be a sign that the body fights some infection considering that in this area, there are lymph glands. In both cases, it is recommended to visit oncologist to determine the nature of the lump and thickening.

Before going to the doctor, there are several ways to independently detect any changes in this area.

If there is a change in one or both breast size or shape, it can be the result of regular menstrual cycles. If the changes do not coincide with the menstrual cycle is necessary to turn to the specialists who will be using mammography to determine with certainty the cause of the changes.

Thanks to the hormonal changes that women between 41-58 years undergo, often may appear slightly leaking fluid from both nipples. This phenomenon is completely normal and not dangerous. However, if there is leakage from only one nipple or bloody leakage, it is necessary to visit a doctor to perform a series of tests to determine the cause of the leak.

Changing the size and shape of the nipple is a normal phenomenon that occurs as a consequence of aging and changes in body weight. But if the nipple draws in and can not return to its original state, it is necessary to contact a doctor to determine the cause of these changes. If the change was due to problems with milk ducts beneath the surface of the nipple and areola, further tests are done to make the problem more precisely defined.

If there are changes in color, shape or texture of the nipple, such as rash, applies a variety of treatment creams. If therapy doesn’t effect, it is necessary to contact a doctor as there is type of cancer that starts as a rash on the nipple. If it is detected at an early stage it can be cured.

Pain in the breasts as part of PMS is completely normal thing to which most women are accustomed and know that it can be expected. However, if there exists different pain only in one breast or armpits, it is necessary to visit breast oncologist. Keeping proper records of menstrual cycles can be of great help to women and medical personnel, to gain insight into the hormonal changes and happenings in the body of the patient.

Changes including hormonal changes, stress, pregnancy, putting on or losing weights, the consumption of certain drugs greatly affect on overall health. If due to these changes appear disturbances in the breast, it is necessary to have a diagnostic examination

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