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Why is obesity dangerous? First thing that comes to one's mind refers to the problems related to the cardiovascular system, with a heart attack as the most dangerous situation. But there are also other issues that might be very problematic and one of those is diabetes. Diabetes revolves around the glucose levels in the blood and inability of cells to absorb that glucose. High levels in bloodstream induce further complications, which endanger the health and sometimes the life of a person. That is why this condition should be avoided, just as those regarding the heart, and that is done with nothing else but reducing the weight. If you are overweight but do not have a diabetes diagnosis, then consider yourself to be lucky! But, unfortunately, there are many who cannot say the same thing!

Reducing weight

There are many positive effects gained by reducing the weight within a normal range. Those are increased energy and libido levels, stronger immune response, easier functioning of several systems in the body and, of course, there is decreasing risk of getting affected by already mentioned medical problems. But it is not easy. Many obese people become used to their weight and even become surprisingly agile. Still, the mentioned problems will not go away easily, which is why weight loss has to happen.

There are two things that need to be done; one is thinking about health and the second is becoming healthy. Until the person realizes what might happen, no advice from family, friends or doctors will be effective. This means that a person has to defeat the obesity in mind, to understand that a lot of effort is needed to become healthy again. When this happens, everything else should be easier. But is it so?

Thinking and doing are two different things. When obese person who is engaged in some diet or exercise program is asked which of those two things is harder, more than often the dieting is the answer. Why is it so? Well, because physical activity is something new and interesting, a method that will make them feel stronger and better shaped. The results are here, palpable and visible, but what about dieting? It shows the result only on the weigh scale, and it demands complete change of old eating habits, which are usually very bad ones.

The problem

The problem lies in consistency. Losing weight is a process that will last for a certain time, and this time is different almost in every case, but once the desired weight is achieved, another war begins. Eating some junk food from time to time is not dangerous for the body, but it is for the mind. Once a week can turn into twice, into every other day and in the end, old eating habits will be back and the weight will start going up again. This problem has to be solved, eliminated in the root before it becomes a threat, a danger to all effort put out in order to become healthy and strong.

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