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Why would anyone take medication tolose weight?

Obesityissues are more common as time goes by. And we're not just talkingAmerica and Germany, here – the problem seems to be a bit morewidespread than that. However, not everyone manages to lose thoseextra pounds in a natural fashion – as in via exercise, dieting,etc. – so this article aims to inform those in need of medicationin order to feel and look fitter – which is, in fact, the lastresort solution in such a situation.

Onesuch bit of medication is called rimonabant. It is a generic name fora number of brands, and one such obesity treatment is calledAcomplia. It is manufactured by the Sanofi Aventis company.

What is obesity?

Obesityis a rather serious form of overweightness. Namely the condition isso severe that the weight itself causes the suffering person some healthissues. It may also lead to a number of diseases – some of which,if not prevented, may even be fatal. Examples of diseases which maybe caused by obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, and (yes,even) cancer.

Whileobesity is unhealthy and dangerous on its own, a case of morbidobesity may be absolutely fatal. For the sake of obesity not turninginto morbid obesity, it is very important for a person to take stepsto lose weight. In fact, it is so vitally important that, when allconventional methods of weight loss fail, getting a person onmedication which makes him or her lose weight by triggering certainchemical reactions within the body itself, is still a healthiersolution than remaining the same size.

What are the causes ofobesity?

Thereis a great many number of factors which may trigger obesity; and someof those are: genetic ones, hormonal problems, emotional problems,environmental issues, as well as an unhealthy lifestyle (as in noexercise, a junk food diet, etc.).

Asit has been mentioned afore, the consequences can be dire, and thatis why medication is not to be avoided if the situation calls for it– whether it be Acomplia or whichever other solution is available.

What medication isthere available?

Asof 28thJune 2006, Acomplia has been approved for use in obese patients. Itsactive ingredient, rimonabant, is also a prescription drug used intreating obesity. The drug is recommended for patients with a BMI of30+.

Therisks of using this drug include getting type 2 diabetes ordyslipidaemia.

Askingone's doctor for other solutions and substitutes for Acomplia isrecommended if the drug is not available, or unsuitable for theparticular patient's needs.

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