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Why is obesity such a problem? Mostly because the poundsare not getting eliminated so easily and there are some consequences of beingobese for a long time. Increased weight is almost always related toincreased levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, which will disruptfunctions of the bloodstream and the heart muscle. There is also diabetes, amedical condition that is not life threatening, but it requires a lot of disciplineand a certain lifestyle.

A slow death

Some people compare obesity with excessive smoking.Unfortunately, there are similarities. One is that both of these bad habits arenot attacking at first, but later on, after years and decades. It is true that smokingis more dangerous statistically, but obesity can also cause a lot of healthissues, which can lead to dangerous situations such as heart attack. So, whatcan be done to prevent these problems? Something definitely must be donebecause this problem is more and more referred to as – obesity the majorkiller.

Fighting the problem

Being obese does not mean that a person has to engage insome intensive physical workout or start a rigorous diet. Everything should bedone at a moderate pace. This means that in the beginning, workout should benothing more than increased walking tempo and a bit longer distance covered byfoot. No matter how small it might seem, it will be enough to activate musclesand to start some fat burning. Later on, some more intensive exercising shouldbe started. In that training session, walking should be replaced with spotjogging and also some small weights should be used. This will all still be acardio workout, which should be done when there is a problem with excessivepounds. Muscle mass building also burns energy, but the experts say that cardiois more efficient in this situation.

Dieting should be adequate. Fast diets will help with theinitial major weight loss, but later on, healthy and balanced diet has to beinduced, especially if a person has a lot of extra pounds.

The essence

Essence of fighting obesity is in the mind of an obeseperson. Reducing weight in a healthy manner is not easy and it takes time, sopatience and strong will are needed. Also, there will be periods when theweight will not come down as fast as person would like, and more than oftenthis is a reason why people quit. However, they have to realize that losingweight for good is a long-term process with its ups and downs. So, when downsare happening, this has to be endured and moving on is the only viable solution.

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