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A Vision of Grim Future

Children obesity is a great problem ofmany countries in the world, especially the United States. Someresearches have shown that, even though the child obesity was prominentbefore, nowadays it has skyrocketed and reached the number which istwo or three times larger than it was initially, once the obesityproblem was noticed in the first place. Obesity is now shown inchildren more than ever before. What is more, there has been asignificant increase in obese adolescents. All in all, theseendangered groups are highly susceptible to many illnesses, type 2diabetes being the most common one.

Why Is This So?

In order to fully understand theconnection between body fat and diabetes, we need to know that themore fat we have in our organism, the less sensitive our body is,when it comes to insulin production.

Some doctors and scientists claim thatthis problem stems directly from the mothers of these children.Namely, the body weight of the mother while she is pregnant,influences the weight of the child. Additionally, if the mother doesnot breastfeed the child but feeds it differently, there is a highlikelihood that it will become obese. Obesity regarding fat in legmuscles and liver cells is claimed to be a crucial trigger ofdiabetes type 2 in children. At the same time, this can be one of thesymptoms.

Naturally, in cases of obese children,their body fat levels present some of the main indicators. However,their body's ability to absorb fat and make it an adequate source ofenergy is checked as well. Children with healthy body weight are ableto do this with their body fat while obese children obviously havesome problems with these bodily functions. Once excessive fat startsaccumulating, it is clear that there are certain insulin problems anda high likelihood for the development of diabetes type 2 in obesechildren.

Children who have normal body weightand are generally in good shape, are more prone to low blood sugarlevels. Thus, they are much less likely to develop diabetes or anyother similar health problems. On the other hand, obese children,besides diabetes, are prone to high blood pressure, heart conditionsand many other illnesses, some more serious than the others.

Therefore, we need to take the bodyweight of our children in control, and prevent it from going toohigh. Exercise and a healthy diet are crucial for the removal of thisproblem. Therefore, these two aspects of life should be implementedinto each child's lifestyle, minimizing their chances of developingdiabetes at both young age and later in life.

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